A normal Wednesday

This is just a normal Wednesday to me. On the waterways again. 🙂



Nautical stuff

We sailed for a get together with our Swedish friends and their boat in Enkhuizen. Its a lovely town located in the lake of Ijsselmeer and from the 1300. We been here many times but for our friends it was the first. We found a market with bargain prices on ropes. Everyone that has a boat ropes are extremely expensive.We bought some and now we have new ropes on the boat as our was old and hard, so hard they were barely bendable anymore. We are happy sailors now.

Tomorrow we continue sailing together with our friends in the lake exploring new adventures.

See you around

Melvin and me

I love animals and I love my rottweiler Melvin more than life itself. He his true to the gam ant anytime thats for sure. Happy, sad, down or hurt, he knows it and always helps you out. I love you Melvin.♥


IMG_20160118_225052_resizedMelvin and me. My absolute best friend. Picture from one of our dogwalks .

Cozy Friday.

This work week has come to an end and its been busy. I been standing on the exhibition for construction companies and it was great fun. It was only local companies and all in Dutch! This meant I had to practice my Dutch there and it went great. I am better than I thought at this language. I am proud of myself manage that week almost all in Dutch 🙂

Tonight it is chill on the boat and taco night. Its a Swedish thing I guess to have so called “Fredagsmys” which means Cozy Friday. Then it is Tacos, meaningless TV shows and a bunch of candy. I will skip the TV and the candy as it both are bad for you. Hope to stay more sane without those two.

Have a cozy Friday all out there ♥

Fredagsmys, Melvin and My morning coffee at the harbor club.

A mans best friend. Or womans :)

Let me introduce to you all: My family onboard.

We have Melvin to the left, my beautiful rotteweiler. And to the right we have Cola, a schipperke that I babysit for 3 months while its owners is in Thailand.

To have a dog in my life has become important and I cannot see myself without one. The days that you are sad they always cheers you up and when the rain is pouring down outside and you dont wanna go out, those eyes looks at you and on and in a matter of time you have grabbed your wellies :). Melvin is my best friend and always by my side. Cola is probably one of the coolest dogs I ever babysat and I have taken care of many. Cola feels human in a way and when looking into his eyes it always tells you a secret story.♥

For you who are not dogowners, afraid of dogs or just does not like them, ;et me tell you: all dogs are sweet if you just raise them right.