There is something about water that connects…..



Back in time

Today I woke up and went out with the dogs as usual. The sun was shining and it was just as wonderful warm spring weather. A lot of people had made their way down to the harbour and out to the old Kogge Warf where they salvage a medieval wreck called Kamper Kogge. The Kogge warf had set the stage for centurie-old craftmanship today. The sailmaker from Bataviastad showed how the sails were made for the Kamper Kogge, the medieval fishermans cottage stood open for a visit and so the Exhibition for the Kamper Kogge. For those who wanted to eat a bite there were plenty of fresh smoked fish and newly brewed coffee. And why not step onboard “The Black Lady”, the only real Kamper Kogge.

The wreck called Ijsselmeer Cog is a extraordinary intact wreck of a cargo ship over six hundred years old and it was found just outside the Kogge Warf on the bottom of the river Ijssel. It is the last of the three historically Cog that today was taken above the surface.

It will be taken to Lelystad in a week and there is will go through a major restauration before it goes back to where it once came from, Kampen.♥


We took the night dog walk to to see where the ship laying now. Ijssel Cog is now waiting  one week here before goingto Lelystad.