I used to work in a bakery back in the days in Stockholm. After that I love bread and the lovely smell of fresh baked bread not just in the morning but all the time. I tried another bread with nuts and sesame seeds and it came out great. Now a lovely sandwich on fresh baked bread.



The galley project

Last year we rebuilded the galley and it caem out great. On a budget it came out fancy as ever. Carbon fiber surface and, new stove with oven, new paint, new lights in locker and dimmer outside, new fridge and extra cupboards. what more can you ask for?

It took a whole winter and therefore we go easy this year as it was a  lot of work. We had some struggles with some deliveried as well and in the middle we decided to chagnge the supplier of the compressor. We built everything inside the boat as we had to custom build the galley around our custom made fridge. I still find small pieces of wood around from all the sawing. 🙂

Here are some pics from the galley so you all know what I am talking about. So proud of that we made this beautiful kitchen a cold winter. The carbon fiber surface came out with a very good result.

FridgeThe fridge from Tek-Tank. Non-bacterial material.