Regatta time

It was time for Regatta this weekend for Laser in Hoorn and it was a busy marina. As we are waiting on a spare part to arrive we have a great spot in the marina and it was so fun to see the sailors prepare and set sail out on the lake, they are really skill full I must say even though i still think it looks funny when grown up men and women are in these small boats as this was something we used to do as kid to learn how to sail. But it is fun and I understand why they do it. People from all over Europe was here to try and take the trophy. Let the best man or woman win! 🙂



Fruit is candy

Hi all,

I really have a sweet tooth but I love fruit as well. I need to try and cut down on the candy and there are tons of excellent and lovely fruits out there especially now when summer is around the corner. And it just has to be that I love fruit. Fresh strawberries, blueberries, black berries, oranges, grapes, kiwi and apples fill my galley now after a trip to the market today. Fresh juices and smoothies will be the next few days detox with all these fruits filled with alkaline. Why alkaline fruits? Well they are very good anti cancer fruits for example. Buts that not all it does.

So what are acid forming foods good for?

Balance the pH in the body and when that’s balanced you notice for example:

  • Better digestion
  • Easier fat loss
  • better mental focus
  • better mood
  • less pain from inflammation related conditions

It is your body and only you decide whats goes into it so choose wisely and change some of the bad habits and replace it with good living well being.

You notice a more healthy active life and you make your body a favor.

You know what they say? An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 🙂 Its true!



Lovely May

May is here and that should mean spring and it has turned that way, we had a week with weird weather but now all seem to be gone and the sun is here. We are out sailing still and we have about 3 more weeks to sail before I need to start a new job in Amsterdam. That is going to be pretty exiting. today was one of those days with hardly no wind, sun high up and felt warm in the face, finally May is here. 🙂





Yesterday we made a trip to our friends camping and on the way we stopped to look at the tulip fields as we realized we never seen them since we came here, now we have and the colors was just amazing. I love flowers but  as live aboard is not always the optional to have a vase of lovely tulips on the table.



New family member

During the last winter we took care of a dog called Cola, we are now proud owners of Cola and today we got him home. He is a schipperke and are 5 years old and such a sweetheart. These dogs were from the beginning dogs chasing rats on the Belgian barges on the rivers. This is a true friend to Melvin as well and they are lovely together. I call them big and small. A new chapter in life begins with Cola as well by my side.20151227_114731

Easter sailing and a force 8

We decided to go sailing for some days when the weather allowed on Saturday. The sun was up, wind from the back and the current with us, we did 9 knots and it was great. We decided to go to Urk, a old island in the lake of Ijsselmeer and we are still here in writing moment due to a force 8. It came in yesterday and it has not stopped since, it picked up today and the boat was rocking in the marina. Everyone was up checking fenders and the ropes. We lay great as always when the husband always ties for storm. Urk is a lovely fishing village that use to be a island back in the days, now its connected o the mainland but you can feel its been a island really. The view out on Ijsselmeer is breathtaking sometimes. Its a very christian and during Easter they dress up nice and go to church, some even up to 4 times a day! So many churches around here. You still see some in traditional Urker clothing. The season has not started yet but some boats are out but Urk is dead quiet, in the summer its blooming with pubs, restaurants and ice cream stores that are open.



Sailing junkie

I think I am one… A sailing junkie.. A water monster just waiting to get out there, cold, warm, windy or rain I want to be out there. A few years ago we only sailed in the summer when the weather was warm and nice and the rest of the year tied up to the pontoon. The beauty to live aboard is that you can move whenever you want and that means all year around.  of course its colder here in Europe during the winter months but here in the Netherlands it has not been ice or got frozen in 5 years and that year it lasted a month only. We left Kampen 3 weeks ago for going down to Amsterdam for a while and that was nice to be back in the crazy red light and all tourists. Our heater broke down as you all know by now and after fixing that one in Zandaam we decided to go back North for a uncertain time. We left yesterday and ended up in Lelystad for the night and took a stroll in Bataviahaven before meeting up with The harbormaster of Kampen who joined us to the harbour in Kampen over the day. We had a great time together. a few more boats were out this weekend then 3 weeks ago when we sailed down to Amsterdam, the spring is coming and I can feel it allover as the sun is heating on our faces again.

I am not 100% recovered from the flu from hell but I am much better. I will have to rest a few days more before getting myself back in the saddle and work as normal again. In the meantime I share you some videos and pics from the sailing this weekend.

Sunset over the lake here

Check us out in The lock here 🙂



A look back

When looking back on 2015 I must say it was a interesting year. One thing that happened was that SAIL Amsterdam occurred, it does that every 5th years so its a little special, and not so little, thousands of boats in the canals of Amsterdam from small dingys to square riggers trying to make way through the water. It was truly madness but indeed fantastic.

From all over the world the big ships came in through the locks of Ijmuiden and sailed into Amsterdam in a convoy. For one time in my life I got the feeling that this is exactly how they used to do back in the days, trading ships from all over the world entered Amsterdam by ship and tied up to the high quays… Two Swedish ships, one of them from Stockholm stoled my heart extra as The National anthem came on and the flag rise. It was indeed beautiful and with our boat on the summer spot in Sixhaven we had front row all week.

Champagne, oysters , BBQ, friends and laughter filled that week in August with something truly unforgettable. I wanted to share some pics from SAIL Amsterdam as I get a bit powered up here this last night in Kampen as we set off for Amsterdam tomorrow. The season is about to start! It was really about time as I felt like I started to grow into the pontoon. Just called the bridges to get them opened for tomorrow as you have to order them 12 hours before this time a year. Its gonna feel good to get out there again.




And up she goes

The History hour continues live direct from Kampen, Netherlands. The Kamper Kogge or Ijssel Cog is up and she smells. Oh my god she smells bad. But imagine yourself laying in mud for 600 years, you would not smell so good either. 🙂 The ship is laying at the quay in the middle of town for people to see while they making some work and preparation for taking her down to Lelystad. She is a very intact ship and the archaeologists says she is the most preserved ship of all Kogge ship. They have attached sprinklers above it so it does not dry and we just hoping it wont freeze tonight as she cannot take that. To preserve a ship this old is a challenge, that’s for sure. It is a sensation here in the Netherlands and from all over the country people come to see the ship and I am lucky to lay just next to it. 🙂

This ship has a history to tell, Kampen was once a great Hansa town ( Hanzestad) and one of the trading city’s in Europe with a lot of trade within The Baltic countries.



Winter work

When its winter we usually try and make as much work on the boat as we can. This year we decided to do some more insulation in the front of the boat and on the roof. The galley and the tool room in the front is done just as we wanted and the leftover of the Armaflex we use will probably end up in the WC /shower.

Armaflex is a closed material( Armacell) and its amazing. Just measure, peel of the sticker and attached where you want. last for years and years as its usually used around industrial piping for example cold water so its great stuff that lasts. No moisture is coming through and its gets a lot less damp in the compartments that sometimes used to collect a little water.

Our vessel has never been damp or even had any rotten or damaged wood anywhere and we have noticed that through the years as she always seems to have been dry with very little condensation.

A good toolbox (or many) is a must and ours is prepped with all goodies you need. Without it we would be lost. Tomorrow its cleaning out day and I hope I can throw out a lot and maybe even sell of some clothes, shoes and handbags to add for our savings.

Ciao 🙂