There is something about water that connects…..



New meetings

In the boat world you meet a lot of different people and I love that. people you never would talk to otherwise you hang around with and have the same interest, boats.

You have the stressed vacation sailor, the old couple that been out for decades, the young boys and girls with loud music and the rentals….. Yesterday was no exception when we met a German couple that were adorable. My German is crap and my understanding is so and so and their English was the same as my German, so a mix of German, English , Dutch and the body language we had a nice chat and a coffee. 🙂

After that we left the harbor and tied up outside one old classic boat called a Skutsje. Two gentlemen form the little club was very friendly and invited us in and we sat down for a while and got some history about the boat and how the life was on board 100 years ago when a family live there with as much as 10 children! these were old school bulk carrier for inland water use and especially canals ways and shallow waters. It was like a tiny cabin and one of the cutest boats I ever seen inside. There are 14 clubs that owns one each of these and every year they have a big sailing competition where they sail from town to town.

Our life source

Water. Wet. cold, warm, liquid, frozen, steam. These are the many ways we can see and feel water. Its important that we know that we should pay great respect for the water. great oceans is out there with their currents, tides and waves.

Water is also full of life and it has memories. Just think about what all the rivers and lakes could tell us if they could speak. Our bodies are filled with up to 50-65% water so be gentle to yourself and how you use your language, your body might not like it.

Take a look at Dr Masaru Emotos video and see his experiment with water. It is pretty awesome.You might start thinking in another way then before.

I have lived my last 7 years connected to the water and I can feel its power by the unspoken stories it tells me at night while rocking me to sleep.

Here is Europe we have relative clean water but I suggest that you always filter your water anyway as now days normal drink water has a lot of added toxic like fluoride and bacteria’s. We got sponsored from a Company called Clearly Filtered with one of their pitcher that filters away 90% of the fluoride and harmful corcinogens and contaminants that can be found in your tap water. Thanks a lot for this. We now have the cleanest water on the block. 🙂

Cozy candles and a word lesson

I love candles, tea candles are the best on a boat as they don’t stick up high or fall down easily. What I do like most with them is the cozy , warm feeling it gets anywhere you are. Its sure something special with candles and they seem to have a magic power.

I always have a stack of candles on the boat and every day I lid about 10 candles in the winter time just because the cozyness 🙂 I think I just made up a new word there, that happens once in a while. Tonight I found myself sitting looking into the candles and thinking about my grandfather,Willem ( Wim) He was the greatest man I ever known and I miss him everyday. He passed away 2006 but it seems like yesterday. He was my hero and I was his schatje which he always said and that means baby, sweetheart in street language. Schat in Dutch means treasure and that what he meant as in Swedish he always called me skatten which means treasure.

Sorry folks I slipped away there for a while, the post originally was about candles and what they mean to me+ some pictures. Well you came to know my grandfather Willem and learned some new words in foreign languages. Your welcome for all this knowledge I give you here. 🙂 You never know what you end up with when visiting this blog.


Back in buisness

20160314_152547I just wanted to share with you all that I am back on track, started work for real and doing business today and it feels great! The flu is gone but my voice sounds like I have been drinking 1 liter of whiskey the last 20 years, nothing wrong though all seems good. I hang out with my tea cup spiced with lemon and ginger.

Cure for a flu from hell:

  • Liters of Tea with honey, lemon and ginger
  • sleep
  • hot showers
  • small amount of food every hour
  • love from husband


See ya around lovely people 🙂

Foggy Friday

Looked out the porthole this morning but could see nothing… Land is gone!! Pontoon is gone!! There is no stern on the boat!! NO wait a minute… So freakin foggy there was nothing in sight… When the fog cleared up later I managed to get some nice pics of the boat in the very lonely winterharbour. I also managed to squeeze in a quick stop at Bagel and Beans in Zwolle. In a week we are planning to set of towards Amsterdam and after that nobody really knows. We would like to go south in the end of the year if we have all the things we want and need on our list….. And as you boat people know that list never seems to end even though you might cross something off once in a while…. I guess thats the charm ♥♥♥

The list:

  • Water maker ( Portable like Berkey filter is also awsome)
  • Steering pedistal
  • Generator
  • Water heater ( ours is a hole in right now)
  • Spinnaker ( not the most important but would be great so hoping for a sponsorship)
  • Repair kit to our Perkins 4.108
  • New sailing gear
  • Sunglasses ( sponsor anyone?) 🙂
  • Bigger anchor ( we discussed his and it might be a good idea)
  • Inflatable SUP ( these are awesome when on anchor to get to shore)


Nominated, Jihaaaa!

Its rolling on with Caroline, fast and that’s the speed I like, I had my fist nomination here and I am happy, maybe its silly but I think it shows appreciation. So thank you for the nomination.


I have been gratefully nominated for this award by from Third Time Lucky blog. A big thank you for the nomination!

Award Rules: 1. Thank the person who nominated you. 2. Answer the questions from your nominator. 3. Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions. My Questions from  was:

The name and type of your first pet?

Bossen, a cat
Where do you live now?

A little here and there,based in Netherlands.
Do you have brothers and sisters?

Both, 1 brother , 1 sister
How long have you been blogging?

For 2 weeks
What would you do if you won five million pounds/euros/dollars?

Upgrade my boat and set off south asap.
What was the last film you saw at the cinema?

Oh my god I think it was Titanic !!
Who would you like to play you in a film of your adult life?.

Princess Diana
What food do you most dislike?

What would be your dream job?

Sailing blogger
What special power would you like to have?

Mind reading
Tell me one random fact about yourself.

I shoot pistol,  I love the smell of diesel, I ate stones and gravel when I was small.

I want to say thank you again for all the appreciation on my blog and the traffic over the last weeks. I have only blogged for 2 weeks and I am already finding the most amazing people enjoying reading my blog. I want to nominate the following blogs that I read daily and have inspired me a lot over the years. Take a peak at them they all have unique reading to offer.


Ciao, and I see you all again soon 🙂


And up she goes

The History hour continues live direct from Kampen, Netherlands. The Kamper Kogge or Ijssel Cog is up and she smells. Oh my god she smells bad. But imagine yourself laying in mud for 600 years, you would not smell so good either. 🙂 The ship is laying at the quay in the middle of town for people to see while they making some work and preparation for taking her down to Lelystad. She is a very intact ship and the archaeologists says she is the most preserved ship of all Kogge ship. They have attached sprinklers above it so it does not dry and we just hoping it wont freeze tonight as she cannot take that. To preserve a ship this old is a challenge, that’s for sure. It is a sensation here in the Netherlands and from all over the country people come to see the ship and I am lucky to lay just next to it. 🙂

This ship has a history to tell, Kampen was once a great Hansa town ( Hanzestad) and one of the trading city’s in Europe with a lot of trade within The Baltic countries.



Back in time

Today I woke up and went out with the dogs as usual. The sun was shining and it was just as wonderful warm spring weather. A lot of people had made their way down to the harbour and out to the old Kogge Warf where they salvage a medieval wreck called Kamper Kogge. The Kogge warf had set the stage for centurie-old craftmanship today. The sailmaker from Bataviastad showed how the sails were made for the Kamper Kogge, the medieval fishermans cottage stood open for a visit and so the Exhibition for the Kamper Kogge. For those who wanted to eat a bite there were plenty of fresh smoked fish and newly brewed coffee. And why not step onboard “The Black Lady”, the only real Kamper Kogge.

The wreck called Ijsselmeer Cog is a extraordinary intact wreck of a cargo ship over six hundred years old and it was found just outside the Kogge Warf on the bottom of the river Ijssel. It is the last of the three historically Cog that today was taken above the surface.

It will be taken to Lelystad in a week and there is will go through a major restauration before it goes back to where it once came from, Kampen.♥


We took the night dog walk to to see where the ship laying now. Ijssel Cog is now waiting  one week here before goingto Lelystad.


Cozy Friday.

This work week has come to an end and its been busy. I been standing on the exhibition for construction companies and it was great fun. It was only local companies and all in Dutch! This meant I had to practice my Dutch there and it went great. I am better than I thought at this language. I am proud of myself manage that week almost all in Dutch 🙂

Tonight it is chill on the boat and taco night. Its a Swedish thing I guess to have so called “Fredagsmys” which means Cozy Friday. Then it is Tacos, meaningless TV shows and a bunch of candy. I will skip the TV and the candy as it both are bad for you. Hope to stay more sane without those two.

Have a cozy Friday all out there ♥

Fredagsmys, Melvin and My morning coffee at the harbor club.