Its getting closer

Whats getting closer? SUMMER!! yes that’s right baby, we are not alone out there anymore, there are other weird( read passionate) people that like to freeze their butts off and we like it, welcome summer, you getting closer 🙂


New meetings

In the boat world you meet a lot of different people and I love that. people you never would talk to otherwise you hang around with and have the same interest, boats.

You have the stressed vacation sailor, the old couple that been out for decades, the young boys and girls with loud music and the rentals….. Yesterday was no exception when we met a German couple that were adorable. My German is crap and my understanding is so and so and their English was the same as my German, so a mix of German, English , Dutch and the body language we had a nice chat and a coffee. 🙂

After that we left the harbor and tied up outside one old classic boat called a Skutsje. Two gentlemen form the little club was very friendly and invited us in and we sat down for a while and got some history about the boat and how the life was on board 100 years ago when a family live there with as much as 10 children! these were old school bulk carrier for inland water use and especially canals ways and shallow waters. It was like a tiny cabin and one of the cutest boats I ever seen inside. There are 14 clubs that owns one each of these and every year they have a big sailing competition where they sail from town to town.

Thaifood tonight

Rose and Leif which we sail with at the moment came over and Rose was a Thai food chef and her food is just amazing. She started to cook the most wonderful chicken soup and her food shows up now and then in Happy Six. Almost like we have our own cook as I have not cooked dinner in days now. 🙂 Som tam and some other names I don’t remember, lovely and very spicy.

Dogs onboard

My crew has grown and I am so happy to have these two guys on board. 🙂

Nautical stuff

We sailed for a get together with our Swedish friends and their boat in Enkhuizen. Its a lovely town located in the lake of Ijsselmeer and from the 1300. We been here many times but for our friends it was the first. We found a market with bargain prices on ropes. Everyone that has a boat ropes are extremely expensive.We bought some and now we have new ropes on the boat as our was old and hard, so hard they were barely bendable anymore. We are happy sailors now.

Tomorrow we continue sailing together with our friends in the lake exploring new adventures.

See you around

Bring back the child in you

Its important to never really grow up, especially not in the mind. At least that’s my opinion, it just seems like that kids have more fun, exploring the world and all colors from a total another perspective. a more open perspective. I still try to explore and try out new things and see for myself. Never forget who you are and and always be you and no one else or who someone tells you to be.

So when I heard that Kermis was in town I decided I must go there. Its a tiny travelling amusement park for kids but I felt I needed a boost of some kids fun. So I met up with my dear friends and their 2 kids and we spend money on totally unnecessary things like winning stuffed animals, and you know what? We did. 🙂 The kids were happy as ever and when a kid is happy, I am happy.




Red Red vine…..

Its weekend and I have spent it with our boats neighbors, they are just an amazing couple. Tied up next to them is a pleasure and now when spring comes we can share a bottle of vine or two together. Ended up with a lovely French red vine this weekend.

Cheers! 🙂


Cafe latte and bagels

Hello world. Here I am sitting with my little friend Cola and eating a kind of breakfast/lunch. Bagels and Beans must be my absolute favorite café in The Netherlands. Always fresh food and nice people working there. And the most important thing is that on all Bagels and Beans dogs are welcome. They even give the dogs their own water bowl and dog candy. That’s service and total happiness for us dog people when our four legged friends can come along and get threatened like everyone else. The rain is pouring down outside so we better stay in today sipping coffee. 🙂 Doing some work when possible as the server is totally doing its own thing today.


A mans best friend. Or womans :)

Let me introduce to you all: My family onboard.

We have Melvin to the left, my beautiful rotteweiler. And to the right we have Cola, a schipperke that I babysit for 3 months while its owners is in Thailand.

To have a dog in my life has become important and I cannot see myself without one. The days that you are sad they always cheers you up and when the rain is pouring down outside and you dont wanna go out, those eyes looks at you and on and in a matter of time you have grabbed your wellies :). Melvin is my best friend and always by my side. Cola is probably one of the coolest dogs I ever babysat and I have taken care of many. Cola feels human in a way and when looking into his eyes it always tells you a secret story.♥

For you who are not dogowners, afraid of dogs or just does not like them, ;et me tell you: all dogs are sweet if you just raise them right.