Small crumbs

Small crumbs with honey, sugar as sweet and coffee to go,

life is good with those small things, those sweet things

In the summer sun, May is gentle

the water is still and the harbor is glowing.



Harbourmaster no 1

You know that either you done something stupid or you are awesome if the harbour master shows up in your home 🙂 We are just awesome and Arnold is a great guy who always are helpful so of course we have become good friends. Look how Happy Dan gets when he arrives. That means also that we are going to drink a lot of coffee. I thought I was a coffee junkie but you never met Arnold then. 🙂


The harbour master Arnold came on a visit. Many cups were to be drank. coffee

Love my coffee

I do love my coffee. My lovely percolator never lets me down. A dark roast brew that give a lovely sent through the boat, add some milk and cinnamon and voila, there you have Café au lait a la Happy Six. 🙂 Lovely every morning.


Cafe latte and bagels

Hello world. Here I am sitting with my little friend Cola and eating a kind of breakfast/lunch. Bagels and Beans must be my absolute favorite café in The Netherlands. Always fresh food and nice people working there. And the most important thing is that on all Bagels and Beans dogs are welcome. They even give the dogs their own water bowl and dog candy. That’s service and total happiness for us dog people when our four legged friends can come along and get threatened like everyone else. The rain is pouring down outside so we better stay in today sipping coffee. 🙂 Doing some work when possible as the server is totally doing its own thing today.


Cozy Friday.

This work week has come to an end and its been busy. I been standing on the exhibition for construction companies and it was great fun. It was only local companies and all in Dutch! This meant I had to practice my Dutch there and it went great. I am better than I thought at this language. I am proud of myself manage that week almost all in Dutch 🙂

Tonight it is chill on the boat and taco night. Its a Swedish thing I guess to have so called “Fredagsmys” which means Cozy Friday. Then it is Tacos, meaningless TV shows and a bunch of candy. I will skip the TV and the candy as it both are bad for you. Hope to stay more sane without those two.

Have a cozy Friday all out there ♥

Fredagsmys, Melvin and My morning coffee at the harbor club.