Cake and other goodies.

I just started a new job and I wanted us all in the group that had started in the same time to feel that appreciated after the first week of training. And as I love to bake I made a Red Velvet cake for the first time ever and it was a success. My kitchen on the other hand was not a success as it looked like i killed someone in there. My god what a mess.

This cake was amazing and this weekend I went to the baking store for more supplies and today its lazy Sunday so I though i would make some cup cakes just because its fun.






Chocolate cravings

I had the cravings from hell today and all I want to eat is just chocolate and more chocolate, I have barely eaten any real food yesterday and today. So I dug into the galley and made some awesome sticky chocolate cupcakes with coffee frosting and coconut and these peanut butter stacks. They are all gone now and tomorrow I try and make some more because these badges just got to good.

Love on a sailingboat

Today its Valentines day but I will not start write about how much I think we all should care about each other today and show love. And why not you evil blond woman you might think now…? Well, this is something that you should do and show every day, not just on Valentines day. In my opinion its just a consumption day as everything else.

Living on a sailing boat has its advantages and disadvantages just as living in an RV, tent, caravan or house. One thing is fore sure, you need to really love that person. Its a tight space and somethings a thing develops and its called cabin fever. This might be new to you land lovers but you live aboard knows what i am talking about. This is something that most occurs in the winter time, if you don’t live in a warmer climate then we do at the moment. Here is why:

“A type of hysteria brought on by spending too much time indoors.
Directly decended from long haul journeys where you are stuck in cramped conditions for too damn long”

So we have made some rules on board. when one is a little grumpy and just the slight tendency of getting annoyed is occurring, one goes out for 15 minutes and clean the air.

This works perfect and after the timeout we are ready to rumble again. 🙂

We celebrated Valentines day by eating chocolate and building a shelf and put on last insulation in the tool room. Its pure love doing something creative together.