The sea…

IMG_6738At a distant shore I saw the ship, sailing in the wind with destination unknown

I see it sail, it starts to shrink into the distant horizon fading away,

where does she go, she lost in sight, you see her again be sure about that

the ocean is powerful she rolling along, the fishermen looks at it like he will never she her again.




Love hurts

I love my husband so much that it hurts inside, we been through a hell of a ride. Together we are queen and king strong together we can achieve anything. I walk miles and cross the oceans for you and my love for you will always be true. See you scared and weak makes me so very sad and it also makes me really mad. Mad so I can scream and cry, please let me know why? Life is not always fair to another that’s why its important to cherish your lover,

I do my best but it does not seem enough, what can I do and how did life get so rough?

To hear your voice makes me warm inside but when you don’t speak to me its hard and I cant read your mind.  I hope you wanna grow old with me, that was my plan that’s how I want it to be. Your a man different from anyone I met, you are a free spirit with a different mind set. ♥♥♥

Where did it come from?

I think writing is fun but I never had a thing for poems or anything like that but just a moment ago my mind said something that I had to write down. I don’t know why and where it came from but here it is as I though I would share it with you. It was pretty cool to just get something like that running through the mind like something or someone tells you something.  I think it is time to set off soon and find out what this what all about.


A life at sea  is a life in peace, sailing the oceans for years and years

Makes my soul heal and breath, and my eyes opens more, seeing things I never seen before. Woman and man equal and same, those are the once who conquered and came.

The waves are showing us where to go, engine or sail or might even row ,we end up on different paths but should go the same what happened to the women and men who conquered and came?

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Nominated, Jihaaaa!

Its rolling on with Caroline, fast and that’s the speed I like, I had my fist nomination here and I am happy, maybe its silly but I think it shows appreciation. So thank you for the nomination.


I have been gratefully nominated for this award by from Third Time Lucky blog. A big thank you for the nomination!

Award Rules: 1. Thank the person who nominated you. 2. Answer the questions from your nominator. 3. Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions. My Questions from  was:

The name and type of your first pet?

Bossen, a cat
Where do you live now?

A little here and there,based in Netherlands.
Do you have brothers and sisters?

Both, 1 brother , 1 sister
How long have you been blogging?

For 2 weeks
What would you do if you won five million pounds/euros/dollars?

Upgrade my boat and set off south asap.
What was the last film you saw at the cinema?

Oh my god I think it was Titanic !!
Who would you like to play you in a film of your adult life?.

Princess Diana
What food do you most dislike?

What would be your dream job?

Sailing blogger
What special power would you like to have?

Mind reading
Tell me one random fact about yourself.

I shoot pistol,  I love the smell of diesel, I ate stones and gravel when I was small.

I want to say thank you again for all the appreciation on my blog and the traffic over the last weeks. I have only blogged for 2 weeks and I am already finding the most amazing people enjoying reading my blog. I want to nominate the following blogs that I read daily and have inspired me a lot over the years. Take a peak at them they all have unique reading to offer.


Ciao, and I see you all again soon 🙂