Thursday doors

Its the time of the week again, Thursday doors challenge is here and today I have a blend of doors all from the nautical world to churches from the city of Hoorn in the Netherlands.

While walking and bicycle along these small old street you never know what to find.

This is a church door to The protestant church in the City center. Notice the scary skeleton above the entrance.Now very inviting in my opinion.

IMG_9396This Is just a fun door I found on a smaller tjalk tied up in the old harbor. But wait.. it does not fit! 🙂IMG_9435

This is our boat neighbors door to their skutsje they have. Cute.IMG_9298

This is the entrance to Twee huys ( two houses) Also a very old church back as far as 1466 it said beside it. Back in that time it was use as a county house. Beautiful decorations around it.IMG_9421


2 thoughts on “Thursday doors

  1. What a lovely playful collection of doors, welcome and thanks for sharing these 🙂
    That first church one has some nice detailed elements to it but the ones on the boat are my favorites.

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