A true friend

Its not always you come across people that just instant puts a warm lovely feeling into your heart and all the way into the bones… But sometimes you do and make sure you keep them and treat them with all respect you can. Good friends are hard to find these days.

One of my very good dear friends has his blog right here and its lovely.


For years he has written books and is an amazing author as well as blogger and his stories touches my heart as well as thousands of people every day and every time. Arlen, you are trula a dear vriend and this post is a tribute to you and all your hard work.♥

These 2 books was sent to me and today I opened the package. They are truly beautiful Arlen. Thank you. One is a childrens book called  Ladybug friend and its just the cutest I seen. The other one a  powerful books  about the wild and lions on planet earth. Thank you again my friend.20160314_210902


9 thoughts on “A true friend

  1. Dear Caroline,

    Thank you so much! Your nice article, your sincere words touched my heart. I am glad that my books found their place in your library! I value our sincere friendship and it is my honor to have such a friend and reader like you.
    I it also my pleasure to reblog your wonderful article for my readers, for all our friends.
    Caroline, thank you for the friendship that lasts for years.

    Warmly and respectfully,


    1. Dear Ute,
      Thank you very much, it is so nice of you! I was so glad to see you here and read your inspiring words to my address. All is mutual my dear friend.

      Thanks also Caroline for her beautiful blog, her sincere efforts as well as for this wonderful article which gave rise to write these words to you, dear Ute. I am glad to underline that our friendship lasts for years and I am very honored. I have been always inspired with your readiness, constant attention to my literary activity, sincere tenderness and real support. The huge world of various blogs is much more brighter as are there wonderful personalities like You and Caroline.


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