Sailing junkie

I think I am one… A sailing junkie.. A water monster just waiting to get out there, cold, warm, windy or rain I want to be out there. A few years ago we only sailed in the summer when the weather was warm and nice and the rest of the year tied up to the pontoon. The beauty to live aboard is that you can move whenever you want and that means all year around.  of course its colder here in Europe during the winter months but here in the Netherlands it has not been ice or got frozen in 5 years and that year it lasted a month only. We left Kampen 3 weeks ago for going down to Amsterdam for a while and that was nice to be back in the crazy red light and all tourists. Our heater broke down as you all know by now and after fixing that one in Zandaam we decided to go back North for a uncertain time. We left yesterday and ended up in Lelystad for the night and took a stroll in Bataviahaven before meeting up with The harbormaster of Kampen who joined us to the harbour in Kampen over the day. We had a great time together. a few more boats were out this weekend then 3 weeks ago when we sailed down to Amsterdam, the spring is coming and I can feel it allover as the sun is heating on our faces again.

I am not 100% recovered from the flu from hell but I am much better. I will have to rest a few days more before getting myself back in the saddle and work as normal again. In the meantime I share you some videos and pics from the sailing this weekend.

Sunset over the lake here

Check us out in The lock here 🙂




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