The flu from hell

I hardly never get sick but since almost 2 weeks back now I been knocked out in the flu from hell. Not been able to eat, move or drink this has been a test to the teeth as our heater broke down in the same time as I got sick. D has been great giving me food, fixing the boat and Melvin while I have been trying to survive this evil virus. I was on my way to the doc but changed my mind and thought i go for another cure called natural cure. Thai liniment, ginger, tea and lemon together with sleep and some minor paracetamol I might be back on track again.. Well I am writing this post am I not? 🙂 Lets hope that D does not get this evil virus now as he is sick as it is with his evil C thing.

We are back in Amsterdam after a winter in the North and this weekend we were planning go sailing again, all depending on how the viruses has moved around the boat.

The heater is fixed and by the time that was fixed our water heater exchanger started to leak so we really need to get another one now, we cannot close our eyes for this anymore…

every winter there is a test.. And they makes us stronger that’s for sure.

The funny houses is in Zandaam a short bit outside Amsterdam where we fixed the heater. Melvin supervises the work of course.


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