Upgrade no 2

As living on a boat is a ongoing project and this winter i I already told you in earlier posts what we did this winter. We wanted to have some small heating in the tool room as well just to keep the moisture away. We had been thinking about tube heaters but I just thought that they just did not have enough power. I found a oil radiator on 450w and its great. Gives great heat, does not sound anything, no smell and the moisture is gone even in a whole day with heavy rain. The boat has always been dry and nice but after all this insulation work and heating system we have it is even more great. Now we just need to attach the radiator somewhere in there so its out of the way and pull the electric into the tool room and then we are settled.  This will hopeful be made tonight or tomorrow as we are soon setting off down to Amsterdam area. This D has to do as I need to work.

We need to stock up on diesel, food, dog food and water before we wet off as I always like to have a lot on board and not having to go to the supermarket the first thing in next port. But as a sailor you always seem to be a little more prepared than others.

Her are some extremely boring pictures of our radiator, but it is great. 🙂


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