Little peace and quiet

I do miss Amsterdam a bit right now, we went up north for the winter to get some peace and quiet and now its been quiet enough. But its very nice and lovely up in Over Ijssel and I recommend any sailors to visit it when around. A bit more to do in the summer though… The best Harbormaster in Netherlands is located in Buitenhaven , Kampen, and that’s not a lie, he got an award a few years ago and he deserves it big time, his second assistant harbormaster is also the most humble man you can imagine. I think its his time to get the award next time.

We are planning our trip down south towards Amsterdam but we cannot make up our minds when to go. The winter came again with ice and minus degrees and that’s not what I had planned. So standing outside steering right now is not really one of my favorites options, but its the most cozy to be out as it is no one else out and the lakes are for ourselves. Buckle up with loads off clothes, warm tea, coffee and the heater on full speed and we should be alright.

When is your best time to sail?



4 thoughts on “Little peace and quiet

  1. I read that it was very cold weather all over Holland this week! I hate the cold. Really dislike having to wear so many clothes, gloves, hats, scarves, hats. That’s why we have our boat in Greece. I prefer to sail in tee shirt, shorts snd no shoes! With the weather around 30 degreesC!

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    1. I agree on that, we will go south soon but its also a challenge to live in the cold on a boat in the wintertime.30 degrees sounds wonderful though. 🙂
      I think I see you in Greece 🙂

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  2. I’m beginning to think I am the only person in the world who likes winter and likes bundling up with hot coffee and thick wool socks. 🙂
    Love the last pic especially with the sunlight on the water…

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