Love my coffee

I do love my coffee. My lovely percolator never lets me down. A dark roast brew that give a lovely sent through the boat, add some milk and cinnamon and voila, there you have Café au lait a la Happy Six. 🙂 Lovely every morning.



7 thoughts on “Love my coffee

  1. Hello, thanks for following my blog. So I’ve found another person living aboard and working on their yacht! Cute dog, and I like your invention so he can get into the saloon via your steps extension. Your photo of the tools everywhere on board looks just like us! Do you have any info about your boat?

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    1. Dear. I will make a folder with Information regarding the boat, its just not up yet. I can tell you its a Jeanneau sun kiss 45 from 1984
      wonderful vessel
      thanks for stopping by the blog.

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    1. oh, btw, just remembered that we had discussed this on your previous blog. Have tried cinnamon as you recommended but I’d rather stay with the “classical” style of coffee only, plus maybe a tiny bit of milk…

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