Inventions for multipurposes


Melvin showing off his gang plank.♥ Next pictures shows the construction.



When you live aboard you kind of have to be creative at all times and find solutions on stuff you never thought you would need to even think of when living on land.

We live with a Rottweiler onboard an even though he is the smallest one we ever had he is still 40 kg and to save his hips and our backs for the future I hereby present to you:

The dog gang plank a la sailing yacht style. 🙂

Now he can jump down himself when needed and it only took 20 candy’s to get him to understand what he was going to do :). I think he likes it. Well he can go up by himself to of course. 🙂

This one now functions as a gang plank, higher seat for the table and its also our massage bench. 🙂



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