Melvin and me

I love animals and I love my rottweiler Melvin more than life itself. He his true to the gam ant anytime thats for sure. Happy, sad, down or hurt, he knows it and always helps you out. I love you Melvin.♥


IMG_20160118_225052_resizedMelvin and me. My absolute best friend. Picture from one of our dogwalks .


6 thoughts on “Melvin and me

  1. I’ve always had a dog. Our last was a beautiful Golden Retriever, which we lost suddenly last June. As a family we were devastated, I wrote a post about his time with us, and became inundated with messages (via WordPress and FB) that people were in tears reading it. “I’m on holiday in Spain reading this. I’m crying my eyes out here, my mum is crying, our waitress is crying…”
    It really wasn’t my intention. I had to apologise to some of the mother’s on the school run 🙂
    I want another dog. My wife is resistant.


    1. Dear. I am sorry for your loss, sometimes its just takes some time before getting another one again. Having a dog in your life is important if you are used to it.Try to convince your wife 🙂

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