Winter work

When its winter we usually try and make as much work on the boat as we can. This year we decided to do some more insulation in the front of the boat and on the roof. The galley and the tool room in the front is done just as we wanted and the leftover of the Armaflex we use will probably end up in the WC /shower.

Armaflex is a closed material( Armacell) and its amazing. Just measure, peel of the sticker and attached where you want. last for years and years as its usually used around industrial piping for example cold water so its great stuff that lasts. No moisture is coming through and its gets a lot less damp in the compartments that sometimes used to collect a little water.

Our vessel has never been damp or even had any rotten or damaged wood anywhere and we have noticed that through the years as she always seems to have been dry with very little condensation.

A good toolbox (or many) is a must and ours is prepped with all goodies you need. Without it we would be lost. Tomorrow its cleaning out day and I hope I can throw out a lot and maybe even sell of some clothes, shoes and handbags to add for our savings.

Ciao 🙂



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