A mans best friend. Or womans :)

Let me introduce to you all: My family onboard.

We have Melvin to the left, my beautiful rotteweiler. And to the right we have Cola, a schipperke that I babysit for 3 months while its owners is in Thailand.

To have a dog in my life has become important and I cannot see myself without one. The days that you are sad they always cheers you up and when the rain is pouring down outside and you dont wanna go out, those eyes looks at you and on and in a matter of time you have grabbed your wellies :). Melvin is my best friend and always by my side. Cola is probably one of the coolest dogs I ever babysat and I have taken care of many. Cola feels human in a way and when looking into his eyes it always tells you a secret story.♥

For you who are not dogowners, afraid of dogs or just does not like them, ;et me tell you: all dogs are sweet if you just raise them right.


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